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Clinithink secures growth-equity investment to fuel growth

From Startup Clinithink Link to Full Article: https://clinithink.com/clinithink-secures-growth-equity/ Leading healthcare technology investors partner with Clinithink to unlock the potential of unstructured data to inform treatment decisions, identify candidates for clinical trials, and ensure appropriate reimbursement   Clinithink, which offers healthcare and life sciences organizations powerful clinical data insights through its

How Dr. Martens Used Lytics CDP to Achieve a 60 Percent Higher Conversion Rate

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/how-dr-martens-used-lytics-cdp-to-achieve-a-60-percent-higher-conversion-rate Dr. Martens achieved incredible results with data-driven, customer-centric, targeted marketing. Here’s how. When iconic shoe brand Dr. Martens decided to use Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP) to unify, collect and segment their customer data, the results were powerful. In fact, one targeted

Everybody’s Talking About Customer Data Platforms

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/everybodys-talking-about-customer-data-platforms With customers demanding greater personalization and privacy regulations demanding the companies control their data, marketers are talking about CDPs more than ever before. According to CMS wire, CDPs will be worth $1 billion by 2019. If you’ve been paying attention, this probably

Marketing 3.0: Evolve Your Personalized Marketing with a CDP

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/marketing-3-0-evolve-your-personalized-marketing-with-a-cdp-1 Having customer data at our fingertips isn’t enough. Strategy, people, and process are equally vital to marketing success. Did you know that about 78 percent of Enterprise companies either have or are planning to implement a Customer Data Platform? Yet, according to

How to Get the Most Out of Your Customer Data Platform With Lytics’ Strategic Consulting Services

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-customer-data-platform-with-lytics-strategic-consulting-services So you’ve got a CDP…What happens next? How do you harness your customer data to create real business results? Sometimes, the answer is in bringing in the experts. Want to reduce your acquisition costs by 50 percent and increase revenues by 5

Chief Marketer Special Report: How Marketers Use Data to Create Customer Confidence

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/chief-marketer-special-report-how-marketers-use-data-to-create-customer-confidence “When marketing provides value, it doesn’t feel like marketing,” says Elizabeth Robillard, vice president of partnerships here at Lytics, in Chief Marketer’s latest Special Report, co-produced with our team. The truth is you probably already know that. After all, who among us

Customer Data Challenge: Improve MarTech Efficiency and ROI With Unified Data (Webinar)

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/customer-data-challenge-improve-martech-efficiency-and-roi-with-unified-data-webinar Learn how to make your MarTech stack more efficient, useful, and cost-effective with Merkle CTO Matthew Mobley and Lytics Co-Founder and CEO James McDermott in our upcoming webinar. As a marketer, you already know data is a powerful tool. (In our experience,

Clinithink receives RARE Champion of Hope award for their ‘notable efforts’ in rare disease

From Startup Clinithink Link to Full Article: https://clinithink.com/clinithink-receives-rare-champion-of-hope-award-for-their-notable-efforts-in-rare-disease/ Clinithink has been selected to receive the RARE Champion of Hope – Collaborations in Science and Technology award at the 7th Annual RARE Patient Advocacy Summit on October 4th in Irvine, California.   Over 200 individuals and organizations worldwide were nominated by

How to Become a Customer-Centric Company

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/how-to-become-a-customer-centric-company If there’s one thing every marketer knows these days, it’s this: Our companies need to be customer-centric. It seems so straightforward. Customers demand personalization, so we give it to them. Customers use multiple devices, so we support them. Customers bring us a

Lytics Takes Top Spot in Relevancy Ring CDP Buyer’s Guide 2018

From Startup Lytics Link to Full Article: https://www.lytics.com/blog/lytics-takes-top-spot-in-relevancy-ring-cdp-buyers-guide-2018 The first CDP Buyer’s Guide offers insights into how top marketers are using a CDP to deliver relevant, contextual marketing. Find out how Lytics, and your org, stack up against the competition. For three months, The Relevancy Group researched the most pressing