Prognos Intern Spotlight: Olivia Sborlini

I am from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania but during the summers I spend a lot of time in Lewes, Delaware near Rehoboth Beach. I just graduated this spring from Kent State University with my undergraduate degree in marketing and I will be returning this fall to start my graduate studies in sport and recreation management. 

Outside of my studies, I am also a member of the Kent State softball team and will be finishing my collegiate career this next year. I enjoy being involved in sports because it lets me be competitive and active. It is also because of sports that I have been able to travel the country and visit some amazing places. I have been to 30 different states and hope to travel to all 50 at some point in my life. 

During my internship at Prognos, I have been involved in the product development and strategy of PrognosFACTOR and have managed our social media presence on Twitter. Being exposed to these projects has given me real world marketing experience to help me build upon what I have learned in my academic coursework. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for Prognos and be exposed to valuable learning experiences.

Olivia joined our team in the midst of us introducing a new product through a beta program to a handful of customers and worked to refine the Product Roadmap. We were considering new concepts and ideas for the evolution of the offering. Olivia performed a market analysis and compiled information about what relevant solutions existed in our industry and others. It was extremely useful in helping us find “our place” and how our offering will be unique.

Melissa Leonhouser,
VP Life Sciences, Product Strategy

Prior to this internship I have had limited exposure to the healthcare industry, but I have learned a lot about the field in the short time I’ve been here. What I’ve enjoyed most aligns with Prognos’s mission, creating better outcomes for patients using insights uncovered from healthcare data. I’ve also enjoyed supporting the launch of PrognosFACTOR because this platform will provide our customers with the solutions they need so that they can improve the lives of patients. 

There are 6 foundational values of Prognos’s culture; be collaborative, be curious, be driven, be enthusiastic, be courageous, and be a superstar. I’ve seen first-hand the impact of each of these values during my internship, but being driven in particular has been prevalent in the teams I have been working with. The product strategy technical and marketing teams that I have worked with are driven to creating the best solutions for our customers so that they can better execute on a strategic and tactical level. In particular, Melissa Leonhauser, VP of Product Strategy, represents this quality through her efforts to drive PrognosFACTOR to market.

My coursework and career exploration at Kent State has prepared me for this internship by providing me a foundation of knowledge in marketing and business practices. This foundation has prepared me well to apply those learnings to the real life challenges that Prognos has presented.   

I have enjoyed gaining valuable experience in product development while also working with really talented and welcoming experts. I have also enjoyed the flexibility I have been given to help define the goals I wanted to achieve through my internship. My internship at Prognos has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to work hard with a great team and learn about healthcare, software, and data! 

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