GNS Healthcare Taps Technology Leader as CTO to Drive Productization of Causal AI Platform

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Boris Hayete
Senior Director, Precision Medicine
Q:  What is your role at GNS?
A: I run the Precision Medicine team at GNS.  In this role, I am responsible for overseeing the scientific work of the team on a variety of projects involving our Biotech, Pharma, and foundation clients in PM space.  In addition to my scientific responsibilities, I also have some project planning, business development, management, and other duties. To the extent possible, I try to do scientific work between other tasks.
Q: What is your background and how did you end up at GNS?
A: I finished my PhD in Bioinformatics, working in gene network inference, at Boston University working with Jim Collins.  Bruce Church of GNS apparently became interested in my work through talking to Jim and recruited me from grad school.  Although I had several offers from pharma – multiple ones from Pfizer alone – GNS was an easy choice.  I had hope for doing good science and helping start something meaningful in the process.
Q: What does your typical day look like? 
A: On a typical day, I have 4-6 hours of meetings, some with clients, some internal; some scientific and some managerial.  I try to find 1-2 hours for scientific tasks – coding or conversations about research unrelated to projects with other GNS team members.  At home, I typically spend another hour or so catching up on whatever emails I’ve missed during the day.
Q: What is your goal at GNS Healthcare? 
A: I hope to help GNS make an impact in the area of targeted therapies, as well as in network inference methods.  No one has ever been the first to achieve something because it was easy.  We can’t be afraid of hard problems.
Q: Why do you like working at GNS?
A: Working at GNS Healthcare is great because of the team.  We have a world-class group of scientists who can often turn the impossible into possible.

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2018-08-22 20:36:23