MedAware and Allscripts Partner to Enhance Patient Safety and Usher in a New Era of Meaningful Interoperability

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Point of Care Safety Insights in Partnership with Allscripts’ Advanced Interoperability Solution
 Raanana, Israel – June 19, 2018 – MedAware®, a developer of AI-based patient safety solutions, announced today that it is working with Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. to provide a safer prescribing and medication management environment to Allscripts’ customers. The partnership will offer point of care interventions to providers, care coordinators and their patients over the advanced dbMotion™ solution.
With a history of introducing innovative healthcare and data-driven solutions, implementing MedAware’s advanced machine learning-enabled decision support and patient safety solutions will further Allscripts’ commitment to leveraging data and technology to provide better patient care.
In order to provide actionable insights at the point of care and after the script was already filled, MedAware monitors patients’ clinical records to detect medication-related risks, evolving adverse drug events (ADEs), and to identify patient-specific risk of opioid dependency with unprecedented accuracy. As a result, in live clinical settings, providers mostly choose to revise their prescriptions when they are notified of such risks from MedAware.
This level of success is achieved by using the company’s patented medication monitoring technology that leverages machine-learning algorithms and outlier detection mechanisms to identify adverse drug events and flag potentially life-threatening prescriptions that are in conflict with the profile of the patient, physician, or institution.
“MedAware is excited to collaborate with a leading global EHR vendor so prominently known for its focus on safety and healthcare innovation,” said Dr. Gidi Stein, MedAware’s co-founder and CEO. “This partnership is a huge milestone for MedAware. We look forward to demonstrating the impact our clinical monitoring technology will have on providing safer patient care and helping to curb the opioid epidemic that continues to devastate families and communities throughout the US.”
About MedAware
MedAware is transforming patient safety and saving lives through AI-empowered clinical decision support solutions. Each year, millions are affected or fatally harmed by adverse drug events (ADEs) and erroneous prescription-related medication errors. By continuously mining data gathered via millions of electronic health records, MedAware’s software accurately flags potentially life-threatening medications that are in conflict with the profiles of the patient, physician or institution. The company’s unique, real-time approach to identifying and preventing ADEs, opioid abuse, and medication errors saves lives, improves patient safety and outcomes and significantly reduces avoidable risks and costs each day. For more information, please visit

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2018-07-28 20:12:20