We need a better way to remember our physical therapy exercises (and I should know!)

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My physical therapist hesitated, looked down at his ipad screen and then looked at me with an anguished expression.

“You are now a member of a group of very unlucky people. In fact, in my 23 years of treating patients, you are only the third to get a second frozen shoulder and my first to go from left to right.”

“WHAT??!!” I almost screamed. If you are one of the majority of lucky people who have never had nor have ever heard of a frozen shoulder, let me introduce you to its ripping, excruciating pain which takes 18 months to resolve and doesn’t let you lift your arm higher than your waist. (How am I supposed to blow dry my hair?. Um, you can’t.)

It’s one thing to get a frozen shoulder (which comes out of nowhere) without understanding what’s in front of you. It’s an entirely different matter when you relive the pain in preparation for it. I almost fainted.

And yet, there’s absolutely nothing you can do.

So, in the end, I spent 3 consecutive years at various physical therapy clinics.

This is what I learned:

  1. You must do your at-home exercises regularly and properly, or you won’t fully recover your mobility.
  2. The physical therapist really cares that you improve but is very busy so has just a few minutes at the end of your session to give you your “homework” exercises.
  3. Most of the time, you are handed copies of sheets of paper with stick figures performing exercises with paragraphs explaining what to do beneath the diagrams which are impossible to follow.
  4. Sometimes, you have a therapist who has embraced the digital world and will take a video with your phone either of you or him/her doing the exercise so you can watch to review before performing at home.
  5. Because it’s painful to do the exercises, ANY reason to avoid them — run out of time/forget, can’t find or understand the diagrams, can’t remember the order of the exercises, have to watch the video to remember the order before even starting — wins.

You will not recover and return your body to its rightful place as a pain-free sanctuary for doing what you love….

unless you do your at-home exercises.


This is what will solve the problem:

  1. A mobile application on my phone for quick and easy access
  2. A reminder feature that can be quickly rescheduled if my plans change
  3. One screen with all of my exercises in the order I have to do them
  4. Each exercise would be a 15-second video of my PT or of me doing the exercise so that it reminds me exactly what s/he showed me at my appointment.
  5. An easy way for my PT to add, reorder and delete exercises in a few minutes so that my exercise prescription is individualized for me each week.

So that is what we created. See it here

With AdviceCoach’s PT Playbook, you simply open the app, click your physical therapist’s Playbook and your custom plan will appear with everything in one place. You can even press “Did It” after doing an exercise and collect points. Some clinics have swag that you can earn by regular compliance. Whoo hoo — A Reward!

All I want, as a patient, is to recover well and to feel pain-free as soon as possible. I need an easy way to make that happen and AdviceCoach’s mobile mini-app is the answer.


Please visit their site for more information: AdviceCoach.com

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2018-06-21 04:17:58