Quiz: How you can still crush that New Year’s Resolution

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You may be following the wrong advice. Find out here. Take the quiz and start again

Struggling to reach a goal? Having a tough time solving a problem?

Chances are, you’re reading a ton of advice in books, online and from friends — to help us lose weight, get healthy, be happier, get our kids to behave well, save more money, find love, make better decisions, grow our businesses, among hundreds of goals.

But, are you choosing the advice that is best suited for you?

I wasn’t.

I was following whatever advice my friends and family suggested. And it didn’t help me. Before I figured out how to choose advice that actually worked for me, I rationalized my failures.

First, I blamed myself

“If I really wanted to change, I’d do it. I guess I don’t want it that badly.”

Sound familiar? I blamed myself for my lack of discipline. And then I tried to convince myself that it didn’t really matter. But of course it did.

Next, I blamed the author

I paid for books and workshops and courses that were referred to me by friends or that I’d chosen from reading 5-star reviews. Even after making the investment in money and time, I found myself shaking my head at what they wanted me to do. I wasn’t ready to make the huge commitment of time they required, or they started with an activity I had already tried, or something just didn’t feel right.

Then I had a “Duh” epiphany

When I shop for clothes or look for a new restaurant or pick a vacation destination, I’m able to filter the array of choices by my context: clothes — size, color, occasion; restaurants — price, location, cuisine; vacation — climate, activities, duration. So why isn’t there a way to filter the advice that I read? Put more simply, how can I choose advice that matches my situation? If I could, the probability that I’ll succeed at doing whatever I’m trying to do clearly increases .

I started with the experts — motivational psychologists and decision theorists — to figure out the difference between the advice that actually helped me and the advice that I ignored or forgot.

What I learned changed everything

I am sharing what I learned in this free 4-question quiz that I call AdviceMatch. AdviceMatch is built to help you succeed this time, with this goal, in this context. Not every time with every goal.

Unlike the Myers-Briggs and other psychological assessments, AdviceMatch is not a personality “Type” indicator. It’s actually the opposite of an assessment that brands you for life like an INFJ or an Obliger or a Sanguine.

Since there are as many ways to reach a goal as there are experts with a solution, the key is to figure out what will work for this goal at this time.

Why take the quiz?

If you choose advice without knowing whether or not it’s right for you, you may spend weeks on a plan that is doomed to fail. On the other hand, if you choose advice that matches your situation today, you will feel empowered and make progress.

Take the quiz each time you start working on a new goal

Your results will change for each goal.

For example, you may have one AdviceMatch result for losing weight (Jump-in Junkie), while you have a completely different result for managing your difficult boss (Positive Pacer). Or, getting your toddler to sleep (Careful Optimist). Or, cleaning out clutter (Gritty Mover).

The right advice works faster

Research has proven that to give yourself the best chance at achieving your goals, you need to plan in advance. Choosing what advice you’re going to commit to is the most important part of that plan.

After you take the quiz, you’ll receive an email with your results.

How it worked for me

Losing weight: I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. For most of my 20s and 30s, I tried to follow the advice that revolved around what to eat — Scarsdale Diet, Slimfast, grapefruit, cottage cheese, Zone, Atkins — and when to eat it — Fit For Life. The problem was that I was too busy to follow their advice — measuring and weighing food, shopping, checking the time. In my 40’s, I was equally busy but filtered the diet advice by the amount of preparation I had to do to follow the system. That made all of the difference. I also wanted to see results fast, so I chose advice that gave me a quick water weight drop so I would stay motivated.

Parenting my children: While I’m always interested in my friends’ advice to get their toddlers to sleep or deal with sibling rivalry, I found that I never fully committed to their ways of handling things. The advice that I did act on all came from a single source: an expert. Whether I bought a book after hearing a doctor’s research that mirrored my situation or my pediatrician or a psychologist suggested I try something, I needed to read the research around the theory to buy in and commit.

Managing stress: I went to a lot of workshops led by experts about techniques to manage stress. Even though the research behind their work was very impressive, I was only successful putting into action the techniques that made sense to me intuitively. When I followed my gut — ‘that feels like it will work’ — I ended up choosing advice that I’ve followed for years, like Julia Cameron’s morning pages, Greater Good’s breathing exercises and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s sleep-inducing visualizations.

Answer AdviceMatch’s 4 simple questions about the change you are trying to make

How you can use your results

You’ll be able to take your results and apply them immediately to the advice you’re considering.

Once you receive your results with one of the 16 potential AdviceMatch Profiles, you can connect with readers on Goodreads or Amazon or Reedsy and ask them whether or not the advice in the book matches your profile. Or, you can read reviews and search for the keywords from your profile to see if it’s a match.

Key Takeaways — The right advice makes all the difference

  • Advice is not transferable; just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it will work for you
  • Context is King (and Queen). Nothing exists in a vacuum, least of all our problems and goals. There is a huge difference between a problem I’ve been struggling with for years and a goal that I’m kind of curious about trying out.
  • Answering 4 simple questions with a few minutes of thought will potentially save you hours, days or years following advice that does not match your unique situation.

Need some help? I would LOVE to connect with you to answer any questions you have about your results. Simply email me, Susannah, at info@advicecoach.com


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